Meet the Office Staff

Administrative Assistant – Lori Espinosa

Lori serves as the Administrative Assistant to Directing Business Representative, Sam Cicinelli, as well as the Business Representatives and Organizer.  Lori was hired as the Administrative Assistant with Local 701 in August 1994.

Education:  Bachelor’s of Arts in Business Management, Benedictine University




Union Bookkeeper shop names I through N – Catherine Lando

Catherine serves as the Head Bookkeeper in the Union office. Previously, she worked as the Manager in the Local 701 Credit Union.  Catherine was hired with Local 701 in April 1989.




Union Bookkeeper shop names O through Z – Nicole Panico 

Nicole serves as a Bookkeeper in the Union office and was hired in 2017. Nicole previously worked at Al Piemonte Ford where her duties included payroll, accounts payable and other secretarial tasks.






Union Bookkeeper shop names A through H – Christina Medina

Christina serves as a Bookkeeper at the Union Dues office in Aurora. She was hired on March 1, 2022 and previously worked at Al Piemonte Ford as a License and Titling agent and as an Automotive biller.

Education: Associates Degree in General Education and Science.