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Waukegan Service Department

Manager – Tom Petersen 

Tom.petersen@burrisequipment.com 847-693-2606

Basic Function: A journeyman technician defined to be a technician who can perform all necessary mechanical work and welding either at the Company shops or at a customer’s job site/location in a safe, efficient, capable, and professional manner. Equipment includes all products under 110 hp including but not limited to loader backhoes, skid steers, miniexcavations, small loaders, landscape equipment, trailers, rollers, air compressors, etc.


  1. Performs service tasks as they be assigned by the service manager or the shop superintendent.
  2. Keeps abreast of all changes in various models of equipment sold and serviced to the distributor.
  3. Reports each service call or repair job at the end of each shift, giving the following information:

     (a) customer’s name

     (b) make and model of unit

     (c) number

     (d) hours worked

     (e) travel time

     (f) details of work performed, problems encountered, time required

     (g) parts, equipment and supplies used.

  1. Reports, in complete detail, as above, regarding warranty situations handled.
  2. Keeps immediate shop area in which he works in a clean and orderly manner.
  3. Brings to the attention of the service manager/service writer any additional work required on a unit.
  4. Notifies service manager/branch manager if shop equipment or vehicle is not in a serviceable condition or constitutes a safety hazard.
  5. Returns special tools to proper location at the end of each shift in a clean and ready to use condition.
  6. Review parts and service bulletins pertaining to equipment technician is responsible for repairing.
  7. Conducts himself in the presence of customers in a manner which will retain a good opinion of the company and the service department.
  8. Takes advantage of all opportunities to attend schools and training sessions in order to upgrade technical competence.
  9. Performs other duties as prescribed by the service manager.
  10. Works in a safe manner at all times.


  1. Must be able to lift 90lbs, 75% of the time, in order to load and unload repair equipment.
  2. Must have knowledge of internal works of an engine and mechanical equipment knowledge pertaining to equipment being hired to work on.
  3. Must have excellent customer service, problem solving, and safety skills.
  4. Must hold valid driver’s license and be able to drive a pick-up truck and trailer.
  5. Must supply tools to work on equipment assigned to repair.

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