Mike Wendling

Organizer-Mike Wendling

Mike has been an I.A.M. member since 1975.  He was always a Ford Technician and the last shop he worked was Currie Motors in Frankfort from 1992 till July of 2014 where he served as shop steward.  He was instrumental in helping Currie Motors join Local 701.  He was a part of the Local 701 Chi-town Teardown Pit Crew Competition and is a Judge for Skills U.S.A.  He served as President of the Local 701 Social Club, served on both the audit committee and bylaws committee.  He was appointed to the Executive Board where he held the positions of Trustee, Vice President and President.  He was appointed to the position of Organizer in July of 2014.   




Organizer-Chris Becktel

Chris Becktel joined the Organizing Department at Local 701 on April 1, 2019. Chris is a 12-year member of Local 701 who worked throughout his career in the car industry. Before his move to the Organizing Department at Local 701 he worked at Toyota of Naperville. Chris has worked on many organizing drives over the years. During the 2017 Standard Automotive negotiations, Chris was on the extended Bargaining Committee. He’s also been involved in the Local 701 Community Outreach Committee. Chris has attended classes at the Winpisinger Center in Maryland. These include Organizing Prep, Organizing 1, Leadership1, Political Training and Education, Negotiation Prep.