Stay Current

Keep Your Membership Current:

Whether you are on layoff, injured or out of work for any reason for more than 15 days in a calendar month, you need to notify the Local 701 bookkeepers to keep your membership current and active.

You do not have to pay full Union dues, but you must, however, check in with the Union when you are first out of work and by the 20th of every month and then thereafter. By doing this, you will only have to pay a $2.00 per month out-of-work fee, instead of full Union dues.

Place your check in the mail by the fifteenth (15th) of the current month to allow for postal mail delivery. Members who are out of work for any reason and do not pay the $2.00 per month fee, are subject to pay reinstatement fees after being dropped by the IAM after two (2) consecutive months of non-payment.

For more information about keeping your membership current while out of work, please contact the bookkeeping department at 708-482-1720.