Terry Kimmel – ADBR

Assistant Directing Business Representative – Terry Kimmel

Terry is a 32 year member of Local 701.  He was appointed to the position of Business Representative in 2012.  Prior to becoming a full time Business Representative, Terry worked for UPS for 22 years where he served as Chief Steward and as a delegate for contract negotiations. Terry also spent a year as a Trustee on the Local 701 Executive Board and has been active with the Guide Dogs of America for over fifteen years.  Terry currently services several automotive dealerships, various specialty shops and United Parcel Service (UPS).

His Union Training includes: Organizing Prep Program, Organizing I, Organizing II, First Contract, Collective Bargaining, Advanced Collective Bargaining, Arbitration, Advanced Arbitration, Negotiating Defined Benefits, Special Topics in Bargaining, Negotiation preparation For Bargaining Committees, IAM Foundational Skills, Orientation And Basic Skills, EAP I, EAP II, EAP III and EAP IV 

Other Elected Or Appointed Positions includes:  Delegate to the Chicago Federation of Labor, Trustee to the Elgin Council of Trades, Delegate to the Illinois State Council of Machinists, Delegate to The Machinists Non-Partisan Political League Planning Committee and  Delegate to 2012 and 2016 IAM Grand Lodge Conventions. At the 2016 Grand Lodge Convention Terry served as the committee secretary for the Health & Safety, Benefits and Apprenticeships committee.