3-31-2020 COVID-19 UPDATE

Sisters and Brothers,

Local 701 continues to closely monitor this constantly changing COVID-19 pandemic as our number one priority is your safety as well as the safety of your family.  The news surrounding this outbreak seems to change by the hour which draws concern from our members and their families.  For that reason, you must practice safe procedures at work.  My previous correspondences reference what to do if your employer is not providing a safe work environment for you.  I encourage you to exercise every necessary precaution to ensure your safety.  Your Union is working very hard to ensure you continue to work to provide for you and your family.  There have been several of our members who have, unfortunately, been laid off work as a result of the pandemic.

I’d again like to commend each and every one of our members for rising to the challenges we’re being confronted with.  I am extremely proud of each one of our members for your courageous actions fixing the vehicles that deliver the goods, the medication and the supplies to ensure our communities continue to function forward.  Our work is too often taken for granted.  It’s through your hard work and resilience though that each of you should rightfully be commended. 

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