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This November, you have a chance to take a stand for ALL WORKERS by voting for the WORKERS’ RIGHTS AMENDMENT. The Workers’ Rights Amendment will; Pave the way to better pay and benefits. Protect workers who speak up about unsafe and unfair working conditions from employer retaliation. Ensure workers have the proper training to do their jobs well and do them safely. Protect worker safety, including proper protective gear, adequate staffing levels, and safe working conditions.



With the legislative change that has taken effect as of January 1, 2022, several questions have arisen regarding our technicians being compensated correctly. The Union’s stance since day one of this fight was for our technicians to be paid warranty times no less than the labor times a retail customer would pay. This was, and still is, the position the Union stands on. With the manufacturers trying to find various ways to maneuver around and make reductions to the newly passed law, requiring certain dealers to apply for reimbursement, refusing to pay for diagnostic times or times on calls with technical assistance as well as taking their own interpretations of what the new law means, many dealers are unsure if and how they will be paid by the manufacturers. Certain dealers have taken the position that they will only compensate technicians when they receive payment from the manufacturers.  

For several of these reasons, we are asking all of our technicians to keep a record of all warranty repairs they perform that are not being paid at the retail times. We have attached a time sheet (Click HERE) for your convenience to track your repair orders.

If you believe you have not been compensated properly according to the new legislation, bring the issue forward to your manager and advise them of the possible error. If the error is not resolved, inform your Shop Steward and/or Union Business Representative to see if a grievance should be filed.

The Union is working with several dealer principles and discussing ways to move forward with any issues both parties are having with the manufacturer(s). Please note – The Franchise Agreement is between the dealer and the franchise, and the Union is a third party. The Union is here to ensure the dealers comply with the law to properly compensate you according to the revisions in the statute. Our intent is to keep the pressure on the manufacturers moving forward to ensure compensation is no less than what a retail customer would pay when it comes to ALL warranty work performed – inclusive of diagnostic times.  And that may entail the Union filing several grievances with the dealers to in turn go after what was agreed to with the legislative change and collect what is rightfully yours.

For those technicians that work in the automotive industry, be sure to check your email for more updates and communications.


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