September Membership Meeting

We will be conducting our regular Monthly Membership Meetings starting on September 2, 2020 in a safe and methodical manner.  The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly put our country in unprecedented times.  In an effort to keep our membership as informed as possible without jeopardizing our internal Union business going public.  Since the Governor’s restrictions are still set at 50 persons for any gatherings, we are going to have an in-person meeting with social distancing and other safety requirements.  Our meeting quorum amount per the IAM Constitution is 20 attendees.  Having 20 in attendance, we can approve the expenditures requiring payment. 

To attend in person, we are requiring you to pre-register.  We are ONLY allowing up to the restricted amount of 50 in-person attendees.  In-person attendance will be based on a first-come first-served basis via email.  To register to attend in person please email your name and the name of your shop you work at to

You will receive back a confirmation email stating you are one of the fifty allowed to attend in person.  If you do not receive an email back, you will not be allowed to attend.  Anyone choosing not to attend in person will continue to be excused during the pandemic.

If you received a confirmation email, we are requiring you to wait outside in your vehicle until 7:15 pm.  At that time, you are asked to enter in the East side courtyard doorway in a single file line six feet apart from one another.  Once you enter the building, we will verify your eligibility to attend in person.  We will then be taking your temperature upon entry in the front door and provide you with hand sanitizer to clean your hands.  You are also required to wear your facemask the entire time you are in the building.  You will then be seated from the rear of the room forward.  After the meeting, you will exit from the front of the room back.  Everyone will be six feet apart from one another.  Moving forward, we will continue to conduct our Membership Meetings in this manner until the restrictions are lifted and things get back to normal. 

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