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New Member Orientation

New Member Orientation: All new members are encouraged to attend the Orientation Program, which is currently held the First Wednesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. before every membership meeting. Come and see what your Union has to offer. Don’t miss out, make your appointment today! Schedule your appointment with Mike Wendling (Organizer) at 708-828-2001, […]

Keep Your Membership Current

Whether you are on layoff, injured or out of work for any reason for more than 15 days in a calendar month, you need to notify the Local 701 bookkeepers to keep your membership current and active. You do not have to pay full Union dues, but you must, however, check in with the Union […]

Free College Benefit Available for Members

  Did you know that being a member of Local 701 can earn you an Associate Degree from Eastern Gateway Community College with no out-of-pocket cost. This benefit is not only for the members, but extends to the member’s spouse, children, financial dependents, grandchildren, siblings and in-laws. Also, your college credits are transferable! More information […]