The IAM is a powerful union and your employer knows it. Why not take the opportunity to look out for your best interests. That’s why people just like you have chosen to join the IAM. All they wanted was a union contract that guarantees the wages, benefits and working conditions they deserve. If you are interested in having a real voice on the job…contact one of our organizers who can get you the information necessary to organize your workplace.

The IAM has been representing workers since 1888 and has become one of the Nations largest and most powerful International Unions, representing nearly 700,000 workers Throughout North America. Mechanic’s Local 701 was founded in 1931 and is now the largest Mechanics’ Union in the country helping to bring fair wages, benefits, and working conditions to our nearly 12,000 active and retired members. Our contracts set the standard in the industries that we represent and our members are among the most highly trained and skilled craftsmen in the country. We truly are the leaders in the industry…

When it comes down to it, without a contract, any promise your employer makes, or any benefit that is given to you can be taken away at any time. The best way to secure your future and protect your job is to have a contract with your employer, a contract negotiated and administered by professionals.

Professional Mechanics deserve professional representation!

Local 701 has highly motivated and highly trained organizers on staff that are prepared to lead you through your Organizing campaign and help you secure a first contract with your employer. Contacting an Organizer is your first step towards securing a contract with your employer, our Organizers will be able to get you the information you need to gain power in your work place and let you know what you will need to do to form a Union with your co-workers.

The choice to become Union belongs to the Workers, not the company. Don’t believe the myth that “my owner would never let that happen” Click HERE to learn more about your rights.

Local 701 currently administers over 500 contracts in the Chicago-land area in many different industries, it’s time you put our knowledge and experience to work for you!

For more information, fill out the information below and an Organizer will contact you shortly: